DIY Glitter Animals

Throughout Kalia’s party I had large glittered animals- all held a function (besides looking cute) they held utensils, chalk for the photo prop bubbles, bubble wands, etc…

Glittering the animals is super easy and glitter will NOT get everywhere!

Glitter Animal DIY

Animal Figure*
Spray Adhesive
Clear Gloss Enamel Spray

* Source-
Finding the animals was very easy at the thrift store ($1-$3)
I preferred porcelain animals with holes in them- a creamer, vase, toothbrush holder, etc because my plan was for them to hold various items for the party.  (But they would also look cute hanging out on a table, so do not worry if there are no holes)

Why was it easy?  Because I have NO idea who is buying these guys, the thrift store definitely got a deal when the I walked in weekly and bought these porcelain animals for a collection at home. They always had them and I had my pick of various animals.  Some I chose for the shape or simply because Kalia liked them (she LOVES the teddy bear one)

Before- (I did not end up using all them, the owl is so cute and I am saving him for something) 

Once you found your animals, you are ready to glitter them up!

1) Spray the adhesive onto animal.  Spray adhesive dries quickly, so do one animal at a time. (also, do this outside, spray adhesive is VERY strong)
2) Pour glitter all over animal. Do the glitter shake to remove excess.
3) Let dry for a bit and spray gloss all over.  (You can do this all at once when all animals are glittered) 

Glue or mod podge- Due to the size of the animals glue is NOT recommended, the spray adhesive is SO much easier and requires much less time.  Originally I tried mod podge and it took many coats and did not work well.
–  Purchasing the gloss– The gloss keeps the glitter from shedding while maintaining the glitter shine and color.  Alternatively, (& saves a bit of $$), you can spray the adhesive again when the animals are glittered and that will keep glitter from shedding.  However, spray adhesive typically dulls the shine of the glitter (it also will remain a little sticky, but the stickiness will mostly go away when dry)

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Photos (except the Before)  by Tay Glazner Photography 
Kalia’s full party will be up shortly!! 

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