DIY Duct Tape Pumpkins

Duct tape is a perfect no carve pumpkin solution for kids- without the mess of paint.  My daughter is only 2 and loved making one!  Perfect for Halloween or fall decorating

Duct Tape Pumpkins DIY:

Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape
Craft Knife
Self Healing Mat (or other surface to cut)
Googly eyes (for the mummy)

1) Wrap the pumpkin in Pearl White Scotch duct tape to make a surface for the ghost or mummy.

2) For the mummy, I used the tape to keep the eyes in place.  Use one small strip of duct tape above the eyes and tape to pumpkin.

3) For the ghosts, take the craft knife and cut whatever shapes you like to make your cute little (or scary looking) ghost.

I used Pearl White, Lace Vegas, Metallic Pink, Violet Purple duct tape for my pumpkins!

Additional step (optional)

We are a house of girls!  Miss Kalia who is 2 and one in the oven- so we adorned a ghost and mummy with a bow!

How to Make a Duct Tape Bow- (it is so easy!)
1) Cut two equal portions of duct tape (One bow was 3 inch, another bow was 4 inches)
2) Stick them together- back to back!
3) Accordion fold it.
4) Hold in middle and tape around it to create bow. I used a different color tape for the middle, but you can use same color as well.

For Kids:

Since Kalia is very young and not using scissors- I cut multiple pieces of duct tape for her, and she decorated several pumpkins.  She loved it and kept asking for more!

Older children can cut their own and get creative- a pirate with a patch on his eye?  A black cat?

Happy Halloween!

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