Heart Pegboard Jewelry Organizer DIY

The little one comes in January (halfway there baby!!) and before I get started on the nursery DIYs (oh, so many plans…) I wanted to get some major organization done around the house.  (like the ombre cork board diy & magazine stamped diy)

The pegboard jewelry organizer was a must needed addition to our bedroom.  I have a ton of jewelry (only a small amount shown here so you can see the pretty little DIY 😉

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

Hooks for pegboard
Stencil (or make your own as I did with some contact paper)

Sooooo…. I do my stencils a little backwards because my cutting ability sucks (I cannot cut out just the edge of something without screwing up badly).

I made a whole heart using contact paper so it would self stick to the board. I painted an area on the pegboard with a light mint paint- place the heart on top and go over it with white paint!

Easy, even if a little backwards 🙂

For the hooks, I spray painted them- or rather my husband graciously did so as I am busy growing his child, minus paint fume deformity and all (this may or may not be actual words said when requesting spray paint help) 

I own a lot of spray paint, not sure if this is a DIY blogger thing or a Laurel thing.  Anyhow, I went to my stash and handed some pastel colors over to my husband to paint.  I love that the hooks are colored- the silver steel look was boring.

My craft room is a disaster area that needs major work and I am thinking another stenciled version of this will be coming soon to blog and my craft room- peg boards are such a great deal- only about $5!

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