DIY Gold Confetti Placemats

These are so simple to make and I love them!  I was inspired by the confetti paper placemats I spotted over on Waiting on Martha, paper placemats just sounded too wasteful for me and I loved the look- why not make something more permanent?

How to Make DIY Confetti Placemats

White Placemats (I found mine at Bed Bath & beyond, I looked everywhere, apparently white is not a popular color for placemats!) 
Pencil with intact eraser (chew marks & patriotism not necessary)

1) Dip your eraser into the paint, apply to placemat.
2) Repeat until done.

Lol, easy, right?

Ridiculously easy… I decided to go with the same look for the paper placemats and leave the intended plate section empty.  You can do the whole placemat- but I really like how it looks this way!

*Some Things I Tried*
Gold leaf pen- fail- came out too dark, if you found a much lighter white, it might work
Paint pen Sharpie- same issue
Spray Paint-  I would not be able to wash it & reuse it, so I did not test it, but would be more metallic.
* I have read you can wash gold leaf pen- I have not tested it yet and plan to for a future DIY & will let you know!

I am having a small Thanksgiving this year- just my parents- I am SO excited for it!
I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I usually do it for 10-14 people.

I will be nearly 8 months pregnant, so cooking for four (plus Kalia) is much more doable- and means I can go all A Bubbly Life on decor.  And, yes, I use my blog name as a verb in my non blogging life.  Friends and family get excited when I say- “Oh, I am so A Bubbly Lifing that up…” (or so I like to believe they do, haha)

So, Mom, these are the placemats, try not to spill anything 😉

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