DIY Storage Container- 5 Minute IKEA Hack

I am in the middle of organizing and setting up my craft room (trying to get it done before baby- ahhh!)  and I need everything I can get- storage, shelving- you name it.  Last week, I made the journey to IKEA sans Kalia and Nick- which means I got real work done 😉

I filled up my cart with many things off my list and then hit up the clearance area- I am always on the lookout for creative storage that still looks pretty.

I found a couple lampshades for $4.00 and I loved the print- they matched with the color palette and while I did not need any lampshades, I had an idea to change them- and it worked!


Lamp Shade
Cork Trivet
Dremel Tool
Glue (optional)


1) Remove the metal pieces inside the lampshade with your Dremel tool, it cuts off in seconds. (No picture of me cutting it, too complicated for my clutzy self)

2) Stick cork trivet into the lampshade, it fits perfectly into what would be the top of your lampshade and will be the bottom of your storage container/basket.

And that is it- 5 minutes may be an exaggeration, probably takes two!  I chose NOT to glue mine in, I change around DIYs often, so I did not want to make it permanent, since it fits in perfectly, there really is no need to glue, but if you want to- go for it!

The storage containers really hold a ton of ribbon and other crafty materials, but I think the mini honeycomb balls look much prettier for a photo!

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