DIY Advent Calendar

I have said this a couple times, but this is truly my favorite DIY in awhile, I conceptualized it back in July and had to shelve the idea, as I was busy with a million other DIYs that were not for 5 months later…  

I was so happy to be able to finally work on it- I love it, Kalia loves it (She stole a lot of candy from the shoot  and so did the little baby in my belly 😉 and I hope YOU love it too!
If you love it, I would LOVE if you shared it- pin away, tweet it, whatever you like- I want everyone to see it! It is so easy to do and an adorable idea with or without kids in your home!

How to Make An Advent Calendar with Plastic Animals

25 plastic animals
White spray paint
Tiny Red Pom pom balls
Super glue
Kraft boxes
Number stencils
White craft paint


Plastic animals

I picked mine up at thrift store, but you can find sets at the craft store.  I chose a variety of animals. I love the artic ones for Christmas but Kalia loves dogs, cats, horses etc.  So she got them all!

1) Spray paint animals white, some may need two coats ( a spray paint primer paint mix works best for the colorful plastic animals)

2) Once dry, super glue a Pom Pom to each animal “nose” Since the Pom poms are so small, I used a tweezer to place them on-  super easy.

Eyebrow tweezers work just as well as craft tweezers, just watch that superglue on your brows!

Kraft boxes

If you have great handwriting, unlike myself, freehand each number.  Otherwise, use a stencil set and paint each number. (I forgot to take a picture of me stenciling one! I am out of town and cannot reshoot the picture, I am sorry!) 

When all the paint is dry and the animals, take super glue again and attach animal feet to top of box and let dry.

Fill each box with candies and little toys!

I am so very excited for Christmas this year!! Last year, we moved from Ohio to AZ during December, so we had no decorations or tree!

The circus crew

Ready to countdown to Christmas?  These Rudolph inspired animals are!

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  2. Debbi Mellor says:

    This is absolutely to cute , going to make it with my grandchildren. I know they will enjoy making it with me. And we will make our memories and when they grow up and have their families, hopefully they will remember our times and do them with their family.

  3. Hi! I mentioned your advent calendar on my site!
    Thank you for sharing your work!
    Good creative day

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