DIY Cheers Drink Stirrers

This DIY was done back in October, and I realized it would make a great holiday and New Years craft instead, so I have been waiting to publish it for months- hope it is worth the wait for all you!

I cannot wait to join everyone in a “real” Cheers, just five more weeks until little makes her appearance into the world!

Get ready to ring in the New Year!!!

Wooden stars
Paint pens
Long stir sticks

Paint or spray paint the little stars back and front.
Allow time to dry and write your message with a paint pen.  Glue the star to the stir stick.

I chose to write Cheers in a couple languages!  For a party, you can always leave them blank and keep the pens around for your guests to write their name- who wouldn’t want their name on a star!

I wrote Cheers! Kampai (Japanese) Yamas (Greek) Salud (Italian) Sante (French) Prost (German)

I used a new glue sent by Nine Lives Products called Glu6- it is an eco friendly glue made from recycled styrofoam- it is 100% recycled material, non toxic, dries CLEAR (a wonderful trait in crafts!), Made in USA and a whole list of other awesome things :)- including smelling good! 

Be sure to check ALL of December (archive in sidebar) for Sooooo many holiday DIYs- I am posting 5 days a week and this week is the last bit left!  

Hope you are enjoying the holiday series!!

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Disclaimer: Nine Lives Products sent me the glue to try out- and since I loved using it ( I am a little crunchy cloth diaperer Momma afterall) I wanted to include a review of the glue on ABL.  All opinions are my own and please check them out for your craft needs!

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