DIY Mini Word Garland for the Holidays!

Today we have a bonus DIY- 2 uses for one DIY method! Stick around until the end to see what else you can do!

I love that these are so mini and therefore, cute- I keep mine hung from my chalkboard and floor length mirror.  It is so easy to do and even a great kid craft- complete with a little education on letters and words!

Pipe cleaners
Piece of paper
Pen or marker
Baker’s twine or other thin string

How to Make a Mini Word Garland:

You can either handwrite your word or print it out on paper.

Line up your pipe cleaner and shape to form the letters.  You will need to join some pipe cleaners together to make a complete word. Just twist a new one onto the other and keep “writing”

String the twine through the letters for hanging. You can tie it onto the letters, but I preferred stringing it through so I could adjust as needed.

Hang for a cute little Christmas reminder.

Bonus use:

Last minute wrapping!

After enjoying the mini garland all season, take it down and add it to a gift for a quick and easy wrapping paper!

I Ijust taped the twine to the back of package- so easy!

The “joy” one, I hot glued on, but realized that was too hard (lol, not really “hard”, but the other method takes very little effort) and the twine looks so pretty!

The “Cheers” one is an actual gift for Kalia… It was the smallest word I had left and hers was the smallest package left… She does say “cheers” when we play tea time, so it is a good fit. We are outstanding parents 😉

Merry Christmas!  Xoxo

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