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I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Nash has a wonderful DIY & Food blog- Craft A Doodle Doo. I found her blog through a comment she left here and I fell in love with it! She is so talented and this DIY is so creative!! Enjoy!

Hello, I’m Nash visiting from Craft A Doodle Doo and am super-duper thrilled to connect with you all at Laurel’s fantastic blog today!How many of us are constantly looking for pretty and effective solutions to organize our jewelry?This DIY ring box is one of those top-notch no-fuss solutions that’s functional and looks downright dazzling at the same time!



The lightbulb moment was when I caught sight of hair curlers in the beauty aisle at the discount store. My first thought was that they would be perfect to organize my rings and ear studs and here they are in full glory!



How To Make Your Own DIY Ring Box

1. A sturdy cardboard/plastic box

2. Glitter foam sheet/tape 

3.Pretty Washi Tape

4.Hair Curlers (the foam ones) in coordinating colors

5.A mirror to fit inside the box’s lid (My used compact’s mirror came to the rescue!)

6. Faux Pearls

7. A Pair of Scissors, Double-sided Tape and E-6000 

1. Start by covering the entire box except the lid with the washi tape. You can prime the box beforehand with white acrylic paint to cancel out any undertones of the box (since the washi tape is translucent)

Then, conceal the entire area of the lid using the glitter foam sheet or the glitter tape.

2.Cut the glitter foam to the size of the box’s lid and glue down the mirror onto the foam. Now adhere the foam to the plain side of the lid as shown below.

3.Line double-sided tape across the length of the box’s base. Cut the foam curlers to fit the length of the box and arrange them in any desirable pattern. (Since my curlers were long, I cut to align them vertically as well as horizontally in different sizes to avoid wastage)

4.Finish off by gluing down faux pearls at each of the four corners of the box’s base. Use an extra pearl as a mini knob on the box’s lid exterior. Secure velcro dots onto the actual box to make opening and closing a breeze.





I simply adore how the box turned out.. It looks pristine with the shimmer and the floral washi tape adds such a feminine oomph!

This makes a marvelous gift idea for a friend and not to forget, your mum!

Have a splendid week!

Take care,


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