DIY Engraved Wood Mousepad

I finally bought a wood burning tool and I love it!  The wooden mousepad is my first DIY using it and I have another Father’s Day DIY coming up soon with it!  I guess wood burning and Dads just went together in my book…
This Father’s Day is Nick’s 3rd and I do not know if it is because we are still relatively “new” parents but we both love celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.  I cannot wait for the day that Kalia and Colette hand me some scribble art project that is supposed to be a picture of our family and gift it to us for one of these holidays.  But, until they can craft on their own, it is up to me to give Nick gifts for Father’s Day.  
Truth be told, I think most Father’s Day gifts can be very cheesy… I think this wooden mousepad is a great look and one Nick can keep in his office! The mousepad still shares a #1 Dad sentiment without it glammed all over some gaudy tie that Nick is never going to wear (although if the girls did give him a cheesy tie, he would wear it).  
How to Make An Engraved Wood Mousepad
Wood Stain
Foam Brush 
Write your message onto the mousepad.  A name, #1 DAD, Best Dad Ever, etc…  I used a stencil because I have terrible handwriting.  I prefer freehand for a craft since the handmade gift touch shows more, but really, my handwriting is that bad…
Trace over with the wood burning tool:
Stain the wood and let dry according to instructions:
Enjoy your wooden mousepad! If wood burning seems too hard (it isn’t) try another diy mousepad– my cork trivet one! 

Happy Father’s Day!

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