DIY Flamingo Beach/Picnic Blanket

I decided to do my own diy design spin on the dropcloth-turned-picnic-blanket (or a beach blanket)- and with what else but the iconic pink flamingo for summer!? 
All pink was a little too much (and coming from me, that is saying a lot) so I added some green flamingos to the mix.  It is nice to branch out from my normal color palette!
How to Make A Flamingo Picnic Blanket From A Dropcloth
Paint dropcloth
Contact Paper
Flamingo Stencil*
Roller Brush
My Mom drew my flamingo for me on contact paper: 

If you are familiar with A Bubbly Life, you probably know I cannot draw well, and apparently my Mom’s talent skipped over me.  She is so awesome, she did this one night for me WHILE babysitting my kids! Thanks, Mom!!

If you lack artistic ability like myself, there are a few flamingo stencils you can print out (I googled) The super talented Audrey at the blog, This Little Street has a couple!

After your awesome Mom draws a flamingo, carefully cut it out to create your stencil.

Stick contact paper on to your dropcloth and paint.  Repeat until you have as many flamingos as you want!

In this instance, I recommend you do as I say and not what I did… If you are doing multiple colors for the flamingos, use a different stencil for each one.  The colors can mix together when painting.  Also, although my one stencil worked for the entire blanket, it would have been nice to have another one, because it did get extremely wet and delicate towards the end…

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