DIY Geometric Ombre Peg Board Organization

I am finally sharing this DIY, I completed it at least 5 months ago, as you can see from my original intro:

A big project I want to complete before baby (nothing like 7 days left to get you motivated) is a complete overhaul of my office. When we moved last year, I had done nothing with the space I worked in, which is a huge source of anxiety and makes projects move slower because I cannot find anything! 

(Does anyone else NOT post tutorials after doing them? Just me? I will blame pregnancy brain, then no sleep brain from new baby.)

I decided I needed a pegboard to help me organize the office and it was a no brainer that I would paint it and add some much needed A Bubbly Life flair.  I painted a peg board with a heart for my bedroom and loved the look- I decided to go with an ombre geometric look for the office.  

How to Design An Ombre Geometric Peg Board

Spray paint
Roller brush
Painters tape
Sheet of cardstock paper (or any weighted paper) or cardboard

* It is very easy to pick your color palette at the craft store.  All colors are lined up from lightest to darkest- pick the amount of colors you want (I chose 4) from the line up.


Measure the length of your peg board and decide on number of triangles.
I wanted 3 inch triangles so I had room for five lines of triangles (smaller ones would be cute!)

Cut out a triangle in your desired size using the ruler and cardboard to make your stencil.

Using the stencil, out line the triangle with painters tape, repeat until the peg board is filled.

Begin painting a row at a time. I used 5 colors for my ombré look.
Once you paint a row remove tape while still wet in direction of paint.
Continue until all rows are complete and once it is dry, you are ready to hang!
I also had the hooks spray painted gold versus keeping them silver.

My office space is white with pops of color. I love the white, streamlined look for organization and the pops of color to inspire creativity.

Before A Bubbly Life, I worked at home for years in a non-creative career, so I still refer to my room as my office, I guess it should be called the craft room now?  Or maybe my studio?  (that sounds kindof cool 😉 

A couple separate looks in these photos because I took some this week and others 5 months ago…

The mint green honeycomb one is exactly the way the board looks now- I just bought that color honeycomb for Kalia’s party and I love it!  

Organizing my office is so important and the pegboard has made such a difference.  I usually make a mess when crafting and clean up is put to the side as soon as my adorable daughters need me. I love having the pegboard- it is the one spot that is always organized.  The honeycomb shots were not purposely styled- it is how it looks pretty much everyday (except my double sided tape is missing, I usually have like 3 rolls on it, but I am using them for a project) 

I am hoping for a full reveal of my space soon, but I have a couple more additions to make.  My gallery wall is lacking, otherwise the room is completed- and has been for 5 months- yeay me!

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