Frequently Asked Questions from A Bubbly Life Readers!

I have mentioned that we are remodeling our house and like most remodels- we are a bit behind schedule and unfortunately the delay occurred while my office/craft room is filled with tons of furniture from the rest of the house…  The room makes me want to take deep breaths in a paper bag and count to ten or take up vodka drinking.  So, I chose to forgo the anxiety and alcoholism and did not attempt any diys that I had planned because getting in and out of the room is a struggle.   
So, while I sit in anxiety about my first world problems, I decided to publish some of my most frequently asked questions from readers!  I love when anyone reaches out via email or facebook and encourage you to ask away anytime!

How long will the nail polish on the keys last?

One of my first blog posts and the most popular to date- color code your keys with nail polish!  Lol, well I really do not have an answer!  When I did these keys, I moved a few months later- so the answer is they lasted me about 5 months.  Now, I only have one key and my car key, so I do not use this simple trick anymore!  However, it only takes a couple minutes, so if it cracks- redo them!  I used my outtake shot for the keys because chubby little baby hands are the cutest!

What do you do with all your DIYS when you are done with them?

I would say about 85% of the DIYS I do on A Bubbly Life are for a party I (or a friend) are having or for use in my home or a gift to someone (including me freelance work).  The other 15% I give away to Goodwill.  You SO could tell what Goodwill I live next to if you happen to live in Arizona and read my blog.

 Will you sell me this or that diy?
I get this question most often regarding my pink ruffled tablecloth.  As much as I would love to give it to a reader-  I love pink and I think I may regret getting rid of it.  However, ANYTIME someone emails me, I will help and encourage you to create your own and give any advice if it is necessary.

Some of the thrift finds, I love so much I cannot sell- like this frame (2nd most popular request) used in my daughter’s bedroom and for her first birthday party.  I feel terrible saying no (how would I send that sucker in mail?)   but since it is part of my daughter’s decor, I cannot part with it!

However- you never know- so just ask!  My glitter cake set and some ballerina bubble jars are in readers hands. Also the answer is NO, I wont sell it to you, but I will send it as a gift along with some other little diy goodies 😉

Shameless self promotion- you can purchase a kit over on Darby Smart for my agate gemstone magnets and make it yourself at home easily!

How do you pronounce your daughter’s name, Kalia?

I love this question because I L-O-V-E my daughter’s name.  The pronunciation is KAH LEE AH.  It is a Hawaiian name, we had her when we lived in Hawaii and did not choose her name until the hospital forced me too before I left with her after giving birth.  We had two names- Isla & Kalia.  KAH- LEE- AH- it was!

5) I want to start a blog, any advice?

I still feel brand new… but my best advice is simply Just do it.  Start your blog now and all the pieces will come together.  Any doubts or fears you have- ignore them and just dive right in!  I am considering adding some blog posts with some tips I have picked up along the way! (I might have to start this column asap if the remodel delay prevents me from accessing my craft room!)

Flamingo in Peach and Pink 

I am hoping to be back next week with more DIYs.  I just ordered flamingo paper for a diy for the baby’s nursery and cannot wait for it to arrive!!  (Yes, she is 6.5 months old and the nursery is not done, stop judging me 😉

Email me anytime or message A Bubbly Life on Facebook (seems to be the most popular route) for any questions!

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