Cucumber Greyhound Cocktail Recipe

Remember last week when I said I would not take up vodka drinking during our remodel?   Well, vodka is here my friends!!

I am still unable to get into my office and thus have been unable to create anything new lately.  I decided to try my hand at cocktail making.  I LOVE a good cocktail but rarely indulge- not because I am a saint, but because I prefer wine.

My husband is a diehard low carb dieter (I hate saying dieter, it is our lifestyle) and one of his favorite drinks on the rare occasion that he indulges (he actually never drinks) is a greyhound- vodka plus grapefruit juice.  No sugar added!  I wanted to freshen it up a bit and of course my inaugural cocktail recipe for A Bubbly life HAS to be PINK!

Ingredients (one cocktail)
Half a pink grapefruit
One shot of cucumber vodka
Squeeze of lime
Mint leaves
Mint & Cucumber for garnish

Add some ice to your cocktail shaker.
Add first three ingredients.
Muddle your mint.
Shake it.
Pour into glass.

(Add simple syrup to the cocktail if you like it sweeter, this cocktail is somewhat tart, but I hate sweet, so I am a big fan!)

If you are looking for a no added sugar cocktail, a low carb cocktail or just a delicious one- try the cucumber greyhound!

The legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

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