Happy Birthday in A Box!

I had so much fun with this post- Today is my birthday!! So, I did a birthday in a box for me!  Which means pink, gold, confetti and champagne blew up everywhere.  Which is awesome.

I think these little treats are such a great gift.  It is a way to recognize someone you love for their birthday without breaking your budget.  A few of their favorite things, add a balloon, confetti and candles and you are good to go!  (Presentation is a must!)
If white nail polish is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I am a lip gloss addict.  I have 3 in my purse at all times and should I forget any when I switch out purses,  I have been known to stop and get more lip gloss on the way to where I am going.  (it drives my husband kind of nuts, love you honey…)

 Roll up some crepe paper with little sayings and tie them with some gold confetti.  Instant party when you unroll them!

Pink champagne and balloons are more of my favorite things…

No time for a birthday box?

You can ditch everything- I am totally fine with just the pink champagne.

Cheers to all the September babies- there are so many of us!

Use for bachelorette favors, ask your bridesmaids, wedding shower favor- and fill it with any goodie you like!

P.S. do you know Party City now sells 36 inch balloons!? $12 for 6 of them-  

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