DIY Toy Storage Crates Nursery

Another nursery DIY! Does this mean that 9 month old Colette has a completed nursery finally?
No… She has everything she needs, just not all the cute, carefully curated items her awesome Mom finds and makes for her!  But, I am on the road to getting there and I finally knocked one DIY off the nursery list- a toy storage crate!


Unfinished Wooden Crate
White Paint
Roller brush
Paints in color of your choice
Paint brush
Screws or Nuts & Bolts
Spray Paint

The before pic! I picked up the wood crates at Michael’s- they are a great deal with their weekly coupon.

For the design,  I was inspired by the Ferm Living Half Moon Laundry Basket for the sides of the crates.  See how they are all different sizes and kind of half faded, etc?  Well, that matches my freehand painting skills (or lack thereof) and I thought it would look great on the crates! (Poet, didnt know it…) 

I decided on a kawaii face for the fronts and back of the crates.  This is a fun part about having kids- you can go crazier and cuter with your designs than you would in your living room.

How To Make Toy Crate Storage:
1) Lightly sand wooden crate.
2) Apply primer (or a paint & primer mix)
3) Paint.
4) Let dry and paint faces and side designs onto crate.  (I used craft paints on this step)
5) Spray paint (use a spray paint & primer mix) casters your desired color.  Casters came in both black and grey at my Home Depot, but I wanted pink!
6) Screw casters into the bottom of the crate.

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