DIY Light String Christmas Wreath

Ahhhhhh, this may be my favorite DIY I completed for Christmas and I am not sure the photos do it justice but I am SO in love with this wreath!

I was inspired by the beautiful bulb wreath from one of my favorite stores ever Terrain, but the price was way over my head.  My brain started ticking and I thought I could make a simpler version myself.

How to Make a Light String Christmas Wreath:

Wire Wreath Frame (I used inches)
3 strings of globe lights- I used a frosted string, clear string, and an LED mini globe string (the photos do not represent it well but the mini globe is more a light blue)  
– I found all the globe lights at Target

Really simple, I strung the lights around the wreath through the wires.

The first strand, I carefully counted bulbs and meticulously attached each one to the wreath frame.  Guess what?  It looked exactly the same as if I just wrapped it around and did not bother with the whole counting and attachment thing.  So, the next strands I made it simple, and just wrapped it around!

Please use caution, the bulbs do get hot, so be careful what you have underneath and around the wreath.  Please do not set anything on fire.

I purchased the Anthropologie bottle trees on Black Friday (score!) I love them and use the wide little red tree to cover the plug and extension cord from view.

Some more unlit wreath shots:

Seriously, I love it. Is it bragging to say I am obsessed with my own little creation, haha??  And every random person that comes in our house (we have construction going on, I do not invite randoms over or anything…) love it and ask where I purchased the wreath.

The Christmas wreath is going direct to a wreath box to be saved every year for Christmas!  Or maybe it will be good to keep year round???

My white nutcrackers and little gnome are from a post two Christmases ago… (this makes me feel like an OLD blogger!) I considered painting the gnome’s hat gold… still may do it!

If you need anymore Christmas wreath ideas, check out a 5 minute Sequin Wreath, a Boxwood Wreath with Berries and a Glitter Acorn Wreath!
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