DIY Copper Pipe Marble Plant Stand

I sketched out this idea soooo long ago, it is so nice to get it done and on the blog!  I did a couple variations, my original sketch made it look like a mini baby walker when it was done… which was not the look I was trying to achieve.
But, I ended up very happy with the final product- and although I use it as a plant stand, it would make a great diy sidetable too, whatever you need, go for it, I’m not picky!
I have it mostly pictured with my ranunculus bouquet; I am obsessed with these flowers and it has become an unspoken (well, now spoken) rule that they must show up in every DIY I am shooting while they are still alive.
I promise it is easy, I did all the work for you- including creating a walker for a small child out of copper.  I also found a new tool that makes cutting the pipe SO much easier!! But, like a puzzle, it requires quite a few steps, so it is photo heavy, read more after the jump, or just shoot to the bottom for more staged shots with ranunculus flowers…

How to Make A Copper Marble Plant Stand (Or Side Table)
One marble tile 12 X 12 inches
Heavy Duty Glue *
Measuring Tape
Pipe Cutter
Vice Grip Locking Wrench (optional)
1/2 inch Copper Pipe (10 feet you will need it all) 
6 tees
4 street elbows
4 pipe caps
*(I used Liquid Nails this time around because Home Depot was out of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced which is what I used for my copper iPad holder, my iPad holder is firm and steady after months of use, so I can attest that Elmer’s worked great, hoping Liquid Nails will do same here!)

** Read note at end 
Copper Cuts
4 X 14 inches
3 X 11 inches
4 X 6 inches
4 X 2 inches
This tool is optional but it makes the cuts so much easier, grip it and cut with the pipe cutter.  I made three iPad holders as gifts and my hand killed me!  (also this is a spare piece of copper I had, which is why it is dirty 😉
Step One: Glue one tee and one elbow to the ends of each of the 4- 14 inch pieces (these are the “legs”. Note in the photo how the elbows are facing.
Step Two: Glue one 11 inch piece to the elbows on each set of legs.   (You will use two 11 inch pieces here)
Step Three:  Glue the 2 inch pieces into the 4 end caps.
Step Four: Glue the end caps to the open part of the tee on each of the four legs.
Step 5: Glue a tee to join the 6 inch pieces in the middle. 
Step 6: Glue one 11 inch piece to Step 2 at the tees.

Step Seven:  Now we are ready to glue Step 6 onto the legs! 

An up close shot of connecting it to one side of the legs. and then you connect to other set of legs!

And you are done with your copper pipe base!

Glue marble tile onto top.

So, I have the nicest contractor in the world and I am not just saying that because he is remodeling our house and I accidentally stole his pipe cutter for my copper projects. He answers crazy, random texts of pictures of copper and marble and gives me his best advice on glue.

Liquid nails tends to harden, which means the marble may not be steady over time.  He suggests OSI sealeant  and it is only $5 bucks.  So lay that sucker on and put your marble tile down.

Let everything seal for at least a day before adding a heavy potted plant.

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  2. Carolina says:

    wow, excelente su trabajo, mis felicitaciones y un agradecimiento de que explique tan bien la forma de llevar a cabo este proyecto. Mil gracias, un saludo desde Chihuahua, Mèxico.

  3. John says:

    How do you keep the copper pipe from turning green?

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