DIY Dollhouse Bookcase With #GiveaHome

I was very fortunate recently to partner with and Wayfair to create a dollhouse out of a bookshelf and donate the finished product to a hospital.  I chose Phoenix Children’s Hospital for my donation spot and got to work!
When asked to donate my time to the #giveahome project- it was an easy yes. My daughter was hospitalized twice in the past few months.  Her last hospital visit was 6 days and she was allowed to play in the playroom the last 2 days (you are only allowed in under certain conditions).  She was so bored in her hospital room with only my husband or I to entertain her.  Of course, my husband and I are awesome, hilarious people who can both sing the entire Frozen soundtrack by heart- but she wanted more.  She loved the playroom.  I truly hope this dollhouse can bring some joy to children who are at the hospital, I know the playroom made her days easier and she came home quickly, which is not the case for many kids.  
Anyhoo, enough about that and onto the dollhouse!! When I think of kids- I think COLOR.  I wanted a whimsical, colorful spot of happy all wrapped into a house of fun (does that make sense?)  

I did not want perfection- although I did use some stenciling and painter’s tape, I liked the whimsical, brushstroke look for the dollhouse.  It is probably fairly clear what I did not use a stencil on 😉

I used non-toxic paint and sealer (Please stick..!!)

I used this bookcase from Wayfair. I purchased Haba Dollhouse Furniture and a set at IKEA.  The IKEA set had a pink couch- perhaps the only time I will have a pink couch in my house.  I will miss it.

To create the top of the  dollhouse, I used wood shelf brackets from Home Depot that had a decorative edge.  I then cut a piece of wood to join them so that the roof was the length of the bookcase.  Also, by “I” I mean my husband did all the cutting and drilling.  I am on a self ban from power tools because I suffer from #hugeklutzwhoendedupinemergencyroom3times

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