Sparkle Like A Unicorn First Birthday Party!

Colette’s first birthday party full reveal- Sparkle Like A Unicorn!  
I had so much fun with the party, I chose a few colors to help set the party theme- pink, purple and silver.  And glitter, not sure if that is a color, but the motto of the diy planning for the party was- “When in doubt, add glitter”
Warning, like all my party posts, this is a heavy photo post! 

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I glittered both a number candle and a unicorn for the plain white cake.  I drilled into the candle and unicorn and added a bamboo stick.
Pin the Horn on The Unicorn!
There is a version of pin the horn on the unicorn game available on Amazon, but it did not match the rest of the party, so I made my own. I created my image in photoshop with free clipart and printed the poster at Costco for about $9.
I cut glitter unicorn horns out of glitter paper that I was using for garland in the party and there you go!  The adorable eye mask is from Claire’s   

Horseshoe Unicorn Shoe!  I picked up this plastic set at Party City, I spray painted it pink and silver to match the party colors and it was a go!  I wanted plastic so I could easily spray paint and with my girls being so young, they cannot handle a real horseshoe  unicorn set, so this will be fun for them in the backyard for a couple years!

Sparkle Potions- Bubble Station
Even though the party was in February, I live in Arizona, so the weather was gorgeous- all the rest of the activities were outdoor.  One table was a bubble station that had a ton of bubble jars, bowls, etc that I called Sparkle Potion.

Did you know that mini champagne bottles make great bubble containers?


Discoballs make great balloon weights! Also, stickers are awesome on balloons.

A unicorn book for guests to sign.  Dallas Clayton spoke at Alt Summit and I LOVED him!! Thankfully, he had a unicorn book and it is what I requested guests to leave little love notes in!

Where every guest took photos, I have a photo backdrop at every party- I love sending photos to everybody after the party is completed.  It is a little thank you from me.

Party Supply List:
Balloons via TomKat Studio  36inch balloons  Eat Cake
Honeycombs via TomKat Studio
Happy Birthday Banner
Cake Toppers
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