Celebrating Mother’s Day with Flowers!

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Now that I am a Mom, I appreciate Mother’s Day and every single Mom out there a WHOLE lot more The sleepless nights, the 1,054th push on a swing, the dinner cooked but not good enough because it is on a red plate…. 
But, most any Mom out there- we would do these things hundred times over (and we do) because we love our kids unconditionally.  Today, I am celebrating four Moms who have made an impact on my life.  I love you guys!!!

The first Mom I am celebrating is a first time/expectant mother!! My blog bestie- Kristi Murphy from the DIY blog Kristi Murphy!
She is pregnant and due in just a couple weeks- her first Mother’s Day!!  Becoming a Mom is the best thing ever, I am sooooo excited for her!!! She deserves a huge bouquet- growing a baby is HARD work!  She is the sweetest and her soon-to-be baby is a very lucky child to get her as a Mom, I cannot wait to meet him or her (it’s a surprise!)

Bouquet: Deluxe all the Frills (with a blue mason jar, she is a DIY blogger, afterall 😉 
Our Army Mom! Nick (my husband, in case you are new here 😉 served in the Army for 8 years and we met many amazing people along the way and unfortunately, lost people along the way. We send flowers every year to Miss Glenda on Mother’s Day.  During Nick’s deployment to Iraq her son was killed in action.  In the aftermath, she gained a legion of sons (and daughters 😉 who love her dearly. Her son was an extraordinary individual and this could only be possible with such a loving Mom (and Dad)  We are so thankful she is a part of our lives.

Bouquet- 100 Blooms of Sunshine for Mom

Best friends from the day we met when we were 20, so we have been friends for 3 whole years now! (just kidding 😉  She has two young children about the same age as mine and makes many nights humorous with encouragement via text.  She also does not judge me when I say I want to leave the kids, go to a beach and drink a bottle of rum. (Apparently, I am a pirate in my fantasies?)

Bouquet- Lavish Roses

And now MY MOM!  She is awesome and I did not realize all the sacrifices she made until I had kids (sorry for those sleepless nights, Mom!).   She is an artist and taught me ALL the painters when I was young.  At 7 years old, I had the odd talent of being able to name the artist by looking at a painting. My favorite is probably Degas, I loved his ballet paintings (if you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know that ballet imagery is a fav of mine).  Living in New York, we had ample opportunity to see great artists works, but she still thought it was not enough and took me to the Louvre when I was 8 years old.  I have zero talent in drawing- I cannot draw a stick figure- but clearly some of her creative genes and teachings stuck 😉

Bouquet- Monet’s Garden

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