DIY Glitter Monogram Upcycled Glass Jars

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April is Earth Month and this coming Wednesday is Earth Day!! To celebrate and raise awareness for the environment, I am sharing some upcycled DIYs this week!  

Annie’s sponsored this craft date with Kalia and we had a ton of fun.  Kalia loves to craft and now that she is a bit older, she can follow instructions and it is a little, tiny bit , less messy. Kalia also lovessss Annie’s! Her easter basket came with Annie’s cheddar bunnies and fruit snacks!

Since I craft for the blog,  I also have to somewhat distract her while we craft together, so that I can get a blog worthy project.   So, for today’s DIY, I set up a craft table, complete with Annie’s snacks for eating and distracting and we got to work. Kalia gets her own materials to craft with, but she also does make some of the things you see on blog (like these glitter bow thumbtacks!)

Double Sided Tape*
Glass Jars- saved from the recycle bin!
Optional-  Mod Podge/Glue

* I use double sided tape for glitter on jars because it holds glitter perfectly, does not run all over, and I actually have washed it on the top rack of my dishwasher and it stayed (I still have glitter striped bottles from Kalia’s 1st birthday party) .  It is amazing.  You can use mod podge for curved letters, but it is not my favorite for this type of craft.

Thanks to my glass jar hoarding, I have an ample supply of glass jars, so I decided to do a whole word and not just initials!

Soak glass jars in warm water and some soap and remove labels.

Using the double sided tape, shape your letter.  I did not show this step, as tape is clear, so the photo would not show it well.

Pour glitter on top of the double sided tape.  Using your paintbrush, sweep away excess glitter.  My little A Bubbly Life protege did all the work on these:

I apologize for the blur- nearly 4 year olds work FAST!

We spelled HOORAY! One of her favorite song’s right now is If You’re Happy and You Know It, so it is a homage to that (and because I can use it at parties 😉 

I used these to hold flowers, but they would look great to hold tea lights for a party as well!  Or spell your child’s name and hold art supplies!

H is for HAPPY!  (or collect 13 jars and spell Happy Birthday for a long centerpiece with candles or flowers… oooh I like this idea- noted for next birthday party!)

Or just use a single letter monogram for your office, kitchen or play room.  Now you see why I do not throw away glass jars- they can be used in every room of the house and for parties!

And A is for Annie’s!  I could not be more excited to collaborate with Annie’s on this Spring craft for Earth Day!  Annie’s is a favorite around here- the adorable bunnies, shapes and colors are loved by the girls.  And their ingredient promise– (no gmos, no synthetic colors, no growth hormones & more) and sustainability practices (recyclable packaging & more) are aligned with our cloth diapering, non-gmo, organic eating parenting ways- they are well loved by our household!

Later this week, check out what I do with an old coffee can and come back tomorrow for a roundup of upcycle ideas for Earth Month!


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