Tequila Citrus Cocktail Recipe

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I created a tequila cocktail! Also, Mother’s Day is coming up and let’s face it with two littles, sometimes I need some tequila in my life 😉

Again, like my cucumber greyhound cocktail, it has no added sugar, so if you like sweeter drinks add some simple syrup or a bit of sugar or a bit more orange.  This tequila citrus cocktail is a healthier alternative to a margarita, but I also hate normal margaritas (GASP!) all that sugar gives me a headache, the tequila, of course, is not the culprit of the headache.

How to Make a Tequila Citrus Cocktail- (makes 2)
1 freshly squeezed Navel Orange
1 freshly squeezed Pink Grapefruit
1/2 freshly squeezed Lime
2 shots of tequila (I used Silver Patron, a favorite from my college days on the rare occasions I could afford it)
Chili powder & salt for the rim
Lime slice & mint leaves for garnish

Juice your citrus! Pour the juice,  tequila and some ice into your glitter cocktail shaker and shake!

Slice a lime and cut a small slit into lime, drag lime around the rim of glass so you are able to stick on the chili powder and lime on the rim!

Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day or just any day- CHEERS!!
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