DIY Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

Things I am a huge fan of- copper pipe diys and wine.  So, of course, I had to come up with a way to combine these two loves- and I did! I am shocked this is my first diy wine rack, we have needed one forever and it was not until I fell in love with copper that I came up with a wine holder I would love in my kitchen.  It matches my diy copper iPad holder perfectly!

I typically show the entire post on the homepage for a DIY, but since this is picture heavy with the step by step instruction, please click thru for the rest! 

How to Make a Copper & Leather Wine Rack


Pipe Cutter
4 copper tees
10 copper elbows
34 inch X 8 inches Leather (or I used vegan faux leather)
Line Snaps  (I got the kit with the setter included)

10 foot 1/2 inch Copper Tubing ($10 at hardware store)

Cuts Needed:
6 X 5 inches
8 X 6 inches
4 X 9 inches

– These are a lot of cuts, we used a miter saw for it and we had to bend the edges a bit with a pliers to fit into the copper tees.  You can use a pipe cutter, but if you have a miter saw, it goes much quicker!

Optional- Copper spray paint or copper leaf pen
Line snaps come in gold and silver, I wanted them copper to match, so I colored them (I couldn’t find copper spray paint anywhere, so a copper leaf pen it was!

Make four of these using two 5 inch pieces, one 9 inch piece and two elbows:

You need two sides to create the bottom of the wine rack- made by attaching an elbow-5 inch piece- tee- 5 inch piece- tee- 5 inch piece- elbow

Insert the four pieces from Step One into the bottom Step Two.
The frame is complete!  Now to attach the leather!  Please note, because I used vegan leather, which is fairly thin, I did not need to insert a hole for snap, rough leather, you may need to!
These are the pieces you need to create the snaps.  8 snap configurations is what you need!
(1 snap configuration below)
Place snap on top of leather and then cover the snap and hammer it in.  
My husband should be a hand model
You are creating a loop around the copper pipe, so the snap sides need to be two inches apart as shown here.  
Repeat for four loops.  An up close of it snapped and where you can check out my uneven cutting skills on the leather 🙂
And you are done!!
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