DIY 3 Tiered Copper Planter

This may be my final copper pipe DIY, I have had so much fun with them, but this was the last sketch in my DIY notebook.  It does not mean it will not come up again, but I had a long list and they are now all completed!  I made an iPad holder, wine holder, cake stand, table, hanging planter and now a 3 tiered planter!


Copper pipe cuts:

6 – 8.5 inch
4 – 9 inch pieces
4- 3 inch
3- 6.5 inch
2- 27 inches
2 tees
16 elbows

Heavy duty glue (like elmer’s probond advanced)
3 plant saucers*
3 pots (and plans) *

* I recommend resin/light plastic pots and saucers.  I wanted a minimalist design for the three tiered planter.  Therefore, there is not a lot of stability to hold heavy pots.  If you want to use terra cotta or the IKEA pots as showing pics, you will need reinforcement on the bottom and in each tier.  It still looks good (I added them as a test) but I preferred the look of this one the best, so used this design as my final result.  P.S. because I changed it so many times, it was 3 weeks of design before the final decision!

How to put together:

The only non-identified marks are the elbows.  Once you have all the cuts, it is VERY easy to put together, like an IKEA instruction booklet šŸ˜‰

 Glue each piece together and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before putting anything on top of it.  *Do not use gorilla glue, it was my first use because I was out of Elmer’s Probond- Gorilla Glue did not work.  

Glue each plant saucer on- or not- I did not, so I can change out .

Add a pot:

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