DIY Hanging Copper Planter

So, this bad boy will be in our living room soon (its pictured in my office in these photos) – in that awesome part of our house I call our plant corner– I have a plant shelf and numerous other plants- I need some plant shelfies on Instagram…
Anyhow, this is ridiculously easy to make and the knots make it sound more complicated than it is, but if you can tie a shoe, you can do this!

How to Make A Hanging Copper Planter

4- 5 inch copper piping pieces (1/2 inch size)*
4- 90 degree copper elbows for 1/2 inch tubing
Tubing Cutter
Measuring Tape
Plant Pot (and plant) (I used IKEA 5.5 inch pot)
Scissors (not shown because I forgot to include them in the materials shot…)

*Measure the diameter of your plant pot.  Go down 1/2 inch for your piping size! (So, for a 5.5 inch diameter pot, I used 5 inch copper pieces) The size of the planter depends on your sized pot.  I used the popular IKEA pot so that it can be easily purchased.  

Optional- Dye your clothes line!  A quick soak in some Rit Dye & once dried, you are ready to go! I know pink is not a surprise around here, but I think pink, copper and green (from the plant) are a beautiful color combo.  And, contrary to what the blog tells you, I do not have pink in my house (except my office which is in an insane explosion).  So, it is a subtle way to add it to our home!

Connect your copper piping using the 90 degree elbows: (so easy!)

The next steps sound technical because I asked my husband to do the knots.  He was in the Army and apparently one of the things you do in Ranger school is learn every knot on earth.  He chose a “clove hitch” knot because he said it would look best visually. Aw, I love that man.  So anyway, don’t worry too much- it is not difficult, just sounds technical- here is the diagram to do it at home.

We used 2- 30 inch lines.  We (I mean, my husband) tied one knot and then tied the other side of the 30 inch line to the alternate cross side, it is pictured below: (you do this twice)

He not only ties knots, he hand models as well 🙂

The length of the rope you attach to the top is up to you- it depends how high/low you want your planter to hang!

Attach that line of rope and connect at the top using an overhand knot (I told my husband I think he was just being fancy, I think it is what we normal people call A KNOT ). (diagrams if you need it!)


Put a pot in it!




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  1. Julia says:


    This is a great idea! How did you get it to hang from the ceiling? Not sure if I missed this in your blog description. I am about to be a freshman in college and would like a way to hang plants from the ceiling of my dorm without having to put holes in the ceiling. Thank you!

    Julia WInkler

    • Hi Julia! Thank you for your comment! I hung from a hook in ceiling, so I needed to put a hole in wall. You can try no hole hanging things like velcro or stickies, but they would probably have to be smaller planters, like for succulents.

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