6 Ways To Overcome A Creative Block

Creative block, writer’s block, ruts, whatever you may call it, it happens to all of us.  Since it is my job to be creative and create content, I have to find ways to get out of ruts fast.  These are the 6 ways I have found helpful and help me get back on the creative path and get my job done.  

1) Go to the craft/fabric/kitchen/thrift store-  or whatever store your particular creative whim is and walk around.  Pick up a new paint color! Maybe an object catches your eye at the thrift store? Find a fabric you fall in love with and absolutely must use right now. Visiting the thrift store is my personal go-to, I never know what I may find there and instant projects are made!

Some thrift store projects of mine that were never on any blog editorial calendar:
Gold Foil Edged Office Supplies and Painted Abstract Brushstroke Ice Bucket
I am currently working on two more finds- projects that would not exist if I was not in a creative rut!

2) Keep a Pinterest board or the offline version- a mood board- for inspiration.  Add to your mood board all the time, anything that catches your eye! While all my Pinterest boards are filled with inspiration, I have one private board that I call “actionable” pieces of inspiration.  They are the colors, patterns, plants, lines I like on furniture that are currently inspiring me.  My offline mood board is similar but it changes more frequently (I really should work on my Christmas mood board right now). I do not think these boards would make any sense to anyone other than myself (A pattern on a skirt, a green leaf, etc) , but DIYS are created from them. When I have a due date for pitches and may be in a creative block, I look to my mood boards first- almost every time there is an idea I forgot about or a new idea created from the inspiration.

4) Make a date with a creative friend.  Hang out with another blogger, crafter, painter, etc- the creative(s) in your life.  Whenever I leave a coffee date with a blog friend, even if we do not discuss actual creating, I leave with passion and excitement.  Talking to someone who understands the blogging world and relates to the struggles and successes is like a drinking a cup of coffee filled with creativity.

3) Try something different! Pick up a new tool, a new craft, a new material, etc..  Whatever you want to do! How about make some glitter pills?! Because glitter pills are FUN and PRETTY. (I get asked all the time why I would make a glitter pill, I just want to get that out in the open) Whatever it is, just get to work on something creative.  Creativity is like a muscle, you need to work it out to see results! I picked up a wood burning tool- just for fun- and created a couple projects because I wanted to use it!
Projects: Engraved Wooden Mousepad & Wood Burned Tray

5) Create for ONE reason only- to create. I am paid to be creative and share my creativity with others and the most common reason for me to get in a rut is getting tapped out- I get bogged down with deadlines and stressed about finding new ideas.  So, I do something for me or our home, that is not for the blog or anyone else.  My most common go-to is painting.  It relaxes me and I love it and reminds me that I absolutely LOVE what I do. I even end up with projects out of them sometimes- my geometric tablecloth and recent mudcloth board were done when I gave up on trying to think of something to create and simply just started creating.  

6) And, finally, do not do anything! Take a break.  Go outside- nature can be great inspiration.  Or enjoy a Netflix marathon.  Read a book. Shut off, take a break, relax and know that ruts do not last long, you will get back to it and taking a break may be the best thing you did!

So, what do you do when you are in a creative rut?

This is part of a series called The Creative Entrepreneur- the first in the series which explains my creative journey can be found here!

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