DIY Scalloped Cork Board

Two years ago, I made an ombre painted cork board for my office space.  Cork boards are necessary for my office:  I pin inspiration, I use it as a background for Instagram shots and keep important reminders on it. I loved that you could paint a boring, brown cork board and upgrade your office space with such a simple DIY.  Two years later, it is time for cork board 2.0- a scalloped painted version!

How to Paint A Cork Board for Your Office

Cork Board
Craft Paint or regular paint
Spray Paint
Painter’s Tape

* Tip: Cork boards are worth every penny, but if you are looking for a deal & are a thrifter- I got both of mine for $5 and I see them nearly on every visit!

Just like last time, I spray painted the frame of the cork board gold.  (much better than meh brown?) Tape off the edges and spray!

I personally enjoy free handing the scalloped shapes. I like the haphazard look, but I also am not much of a perfectionist- I call it artistic 😉

However, there is scallop painter’s tape available if you want the perfect line!

I first drew the scallop outline across the board, then filled in the color.  It required two coats of craft paint.

Add your inspiration! Anyone else cut out watermelons from Whole Foods paper bags and add it to your inspiration boards? Anyone?

And you can flip the scallop design anyway you like:

I kept the board bare and then only added a couple items to show its actual use.  My inspiration boards can get a little nuts! I love fun pushpins like disco balls and popsicles:

Which one do you prefer?  Ombre or scalloped?  

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