DIY Copper Edged Mirror

I teased on my last copper project that I had finished up the list of copper pipe ideas in my DIY notebook.  I did not expect to be back so soon with a new copper pipe DIY!  A few months ago, I scored some coiled copper pipe at the thrift store for $2.00, of course I picked it right up because I have a love for copper.  A couple weeks ago inspiration struck!
How to Make a Copper Pipe Edged Mirror
Copper pipe coiled roll  (purchase the smallest amount available, you do not need a ton, it is about $8-$10) 
Leather cord
Tube cutter
* the copper clamp fittings will have to match the size of what copper pipe you choose to buy
It is not easy to cut glass and I want everyone to be able to get a copper round mirror in their life (I have odd life goals)  I found a candle mirror at for $6 using the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  No buying a fancy tool. No cutting glass in a circle. No husbands having flashbacks of your prior ER visits from your clumsiness (this may just be me)   Or buy a round mirror at the thrift store that you can replace the frame with the copper!
Please note in the picture above the clamps are already bent.  I completed the DIY and then had to redo it for the photos… I forgot to keep the clamps as is… They will look like this when you purchase.
Bend copper wire around mirror to size copper circle. Cut copper pipe to size.  The copper is a bit difficult to bend, so the circle may not be perfectly round.  I am more than ok with that-  I think this really makes the mirror look awesome.  
To secure the mirror in place, use four copper clamp fittings.  Clamp them on to the pipe as it sits on top of mirror and bend each end around pipe and back of mirror to attach.  Also, this took a bit of brawn, so I had my husband do the bending.  He used both the pliers and the end of the pliers to do it 😉
Once all four are in place. Take the last clamp and cover the part where the copper pipe meets (where you made the cut)  Since we did not connect the pipe there will be a small space.   Clamp onto the copper pipe (not the mirror) and squeeze together with pliers.  Now you have a hook to hang and it covers that empty space!
Thread leather cord through the hole, tie in a knot. Hang.



Also this is where the copper mirror actually is in my house.  I just cannot stage it here for photos cuz it gets crappy lighting.  But it sits on my crazy plant lady shelf.  Eventually, I will hang it on the wall when our remodel is complete.

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  2. Erin says:

    Hello! I’ve been trying to replicate this project for awhile now. I can’t get the clamps to hold the pipe/mirror together! What am I missing?

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