DIY Marble Hanging Shelf

After making a copper hanging planter and having it in the house for a bit, I loved how pretty it was and that it stayed that way- the kids canNOT reach it!  So, I can thank my kids for this DIY- a marble hanging shelf.  Those curious, messy hands cannot reach the shelf- whew hoo! (its the little victories that keep us parents going…)  I also type these words in front of a wall with marker all over it, so the kids get their revenge in green and blue scribbles.
Also, this marble hanging shelf is ridiculously easy.  Cut cords, tie them in a knot and hang.  I get technical in the directions, but seriously, it is THAT easy.  I think it takes a whopping ten minutes? And that is only so you get measurements even, I am a more cut haphazard type normally, but getting the cords even is important so you do not have things flying off your hanging shelf and hitting the adorable children in your life.
Leather cord (I used a deerskin cord I found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making section, it is not online to show)
How to Make a Marble Hanging Shelf
1) Cut two equal lengths of cord and tie each end into a knot with a loop on top.  I used two 5 feet pieces. Cut a small piece of cord approximately inches 15 inches long and set that cord aside.
Regarding length- I chose this size because I thought it looked the best. One long string for the ceiling attachment will be needed and you can use that size to hang as high or low as you want.  I will be hanging it in different spots in the house (using it for Thanksgiving with candles) You can do ANY length you want.
2) Lay the two 5 feet cords down in a cross design:
3) Lay marble tile on top.
3) Take cords and meet at top.  Use the 15 inch piece of cord to loop between the knot holes of all four knots.  Tie that 15 inch cord into a small knot at top.
Hang from ceiling!

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