Friday Link Love!

Happy Fall everyone!  Is it still hot here in Arizona? yes, yes it is.   photo from my instagram

Lisa Frank Halloween Costumes.  Kelly from Studio DIY has outdone herself.  Ah-mazing.

I have become obsessed with marbling all the things.  Sugar & Charm marbleized candy apples. They are beautiful and look so tasty!

Copper wire baskets for the storage solution win!

I think I gained 5 pounds looking at it but it will be SO worth it. Bacon, Fig Grilled Cheese. nom nom nom.

Its still 90 bajillion degrees in Phoenix- so this rose wine granita slushie sounds PERFECT.

It’s been an insane week, nothing serious, but showering went non-existent and wine consumption increased after 8 pm (coincides with kiddos bedtime 😉  – 2 sick kids, an allergic reaction to medication, husband out of town and me trying not to lose my shit amongst deadlines and babies who need cuddles and said babies may be screaming at the time of said cuddles.  But, yesterday we all started to feel better, Nick was home, I got a shower, we played on swings, cooked long dinners, danced to Taylor Swift and enjoyed happy wine (much different than stressed wine)

Hope your weekend is filled with dancing and happy wine! Thanks for reading xoxo

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