DIY Pumpkin Halloween Surprise Balls

 Halloween pumpkin surprise balls! My last Halloween DIY of the year, I thought I was done, but decided to slip one more into the blog calendar…

Katie from Twin Stripe guest posted when I had Colette about a year and a half ago- Valentine’s Day surprise balls.  When she sent me the idea, I had no clue what surprise balls were!?  I was missing out! And, I loveeee hers!!

Such a cute, simple, thoughtful gift idea!  And, I always thought it would be perfect to someday make them for my daughter and that time is here!

I did include some candy in the surprise balls, but mostly non-candy treats (including my DIY Halloween chalk), so these are an adorable candy alternative for Halloween.

I went with non-traditional colors, because it is me and pink was necessary.  These little pumpkins are ready to be unraveled and are filled with surprises for your littles! (Kalia & Colette unraveled as soon as I was done shooting)

Crepe Paper Rolls in variety of colors
Candy, Small Toys, etc for filling
Double Sided tape


Begin your wrap with a small toy and continue wrapping around, inserting more toys/candy as you go along.  Shape into a ball and when finished tape final piece down.

Cut out your pumpkin faces using crepe or tissue paper (tissue paper is all I had).  Take double sided tape and tape the pumpkin face shapes to your pumpkin.

Using green (or another color if you like) crepe paper, cut a small piece off and use it to create a pumpkin stem.

Tape pumpkin stem to pumpkin surprise ball.

Happy Halloween!! Hope you enjoyed this year’s Halloween crafts- I only do two normally and I went a little crazy this year, I think it is because my oldest is 4 and super into it!

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