Fall Entertaining With Cold Stone Creamery!

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As much as I love to entertain and cook,  I cannot bake nor do I like to… something about baking requiring exact measurements or the pie will explode in your face (I believe that is what happens?) turns me off.  So, I always order pies for the holidays.  I like that I can spend my time decorating and cooking the main course and give myself a much needed break on dessert.
Cold Stone Creamery’s fall creation is a Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie- pumpkin ice cream in a graham cracker crust topped with cinnamon frosting and chocolate leaves.  Holy moly.  It IS good.  I made the mistake of letting Kalia try some before I was done shooting and let’s just say this slice disappeared quick…

You can order direct online and pick up at the store.  Ordering ahead ensures you get as many pies as you need and that they do not sell out,  but they do have them in store daily as well! (Although these delicious bad boys will probably sell out for Thanksgiving, particularly the one near my house 😉 I am hosting a huge group this year)

For the Fall tablescape I wanted to go a bit non-traditional.  I used light pinks, whites, greens,  a deep purple and copper accents for a Fall look.  I pilfered the eucalyptus and other green clippings from my yard (greens are inexpensive at the grocery store if you do not have a tree you can take from) 

Carnations (the ones I used are the mini variety)  are a favorite of mine for entertaining.  They are inexpensive and come in so many colors, I LOVE them.

Quickie DIY- drill a couple holes in some pumpkins- add flowers!  Instant fall tablescape!
The Cold Stone Creamery pumpkin ice cream pie was the star of the table and I centered it in the middle on top of a cake plate.  
Quickie DIY–  This cake plate is actually a latte bowl put upside down with a plate on top.  I use bowls and plates as makeshift cake plates when I do not have the color I want for a cake plate!  Just lift the plate off to make your pie cuts!
Quickie DIY part 2– top cake plate with some flowers and greens and then put on your pie!
Copper mugs were kept in the freezer and then filled with some whipped cream and cinnamon for guests to scoop on their pie if needed!
Who knew a copper jigger would make a great vase for a mini bouquet!
If you do not want a mini vase- try a copper ice bucket for a great huge vase!

Hope you enjoy! And if you are the ones coming to my Thanksgiving dinner, pretend you did not see this post and act super surprised when you eat delicious pumpkin pie and see the tablescape!

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