DIY Disco Ball Snowman

So, one of the crafts I had written down in my notebook for Christmas oh so long ago was a disco ball snowman.  Cuz that is awesome.  Then I got a CB2 holiday catalog a couple weeks ago and screamed/cried/lamented to blogger friends that CB2 has ruined my life because they came out with a disco ball snowman.  I am dramatic.  

Anyhow, you can buy a disco ball snowman via CB2 or make my version.  My versions turns out to be way cheaper, just not as genius as I originally thought 😉  That is ok, I have a lot of ideas in that DIY notebook of mine!  I made a couple sizes and different colors for you to enjoy!


Disco Ball Ornaments in 2-3 sizes  (I found pretty much all mine at Hobby Lobby)
Wooden Skewer

Remove the ornament tops by hand or cut off ornament strings (depends on ornaments you picked up for the craft)

Stick skewer through center of each disco ball to connect.

You may need to cut bottom of the disco ball a bit to create a flat surface.  For some reason, none of mine needed the cut, but if yours falls over, trim a bit of the disco ball off at the bottom with a craft knife.

Cut remaining skewer off.

And there you have a disco ball snowman!! You could also glue them together, but I like to reuse my crafty items, and glueing them would rip too many mirrors off.  Also, this was easier than glueing…

Much to my dismay, I could not source the pink disco balls in multiple sizes.  So I have a shorty discoball pink snowman with only two balls!

The little family with other disco balls & “snowballs” 😉

Two more disco ball Christmas DIYs coming this week!  😉 
I also said balls so many times in this post that the word is now meaningless…

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  1. Alicia says:

    Hi! I LOVE these! What three sizes did you use for the largest disco snowman ⛄️

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