DIY Disco Ball Vase

So, I am going to be honest, after Christmas I told my husband- I am kinda over the whole disco ball DIY thing. I loved it.  I had a great time.  We were a sparkly match but I need a break. Ross & Rachel had one, why cant I? My husband, looking over at my wall of disco balls in my office, says- mmm hmmm… in that sarcastic, I don’t believe you in any way voice.

And, now its’ near Valentine’s Day and I have love, flowers, pink and all that on my mind and I am like, wait! I have never done a freaking vase with a disco ball!?  What is wrong with me?

So, while I love this DIY, my husband can now gloat how he was right and I am torn in my feelings about the DIY.  Marriage is so fun you guys.


Disco Ball
Craft Knife
Bowl/Glass Container

Cut top off disco ball and cut a little off bottom so it can sit still on a table.
Remove styrofoam from middle using a knife so you can fit a glass “vase” in there. (I used a bowl)

Add flowers.

You cant see the disco ball here, I just loved the shot ūüėČ

Nick may have been right about this disco ball vase,  but maybe now its’ disco ball DIY retirement? Never say never?

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  2. Stephanie Awuzie says:

    Where can I get the disco ball? The link doesn’t work to the disco ball. I love this idea!

  3. […] Reuse disco ball and turn it to a flower vase. Dont you think its exceptionally unique and beautiful. And great news is its easy to make. Get started with a disco ball for this one. Disco balls are available online and they are not at all expensive. Also you need a few other supplies and decoration items. This DIY Vase looks amazing when the disco ball shows off the colors of flowers.¬†Tutorial:¬†abubblylife […]

  4. Cindy Sampson says:

    Hi! So cute! How big is the disco ball?

  5. Julie Ciarlo says:

    Hi! Can I ask, what size disco ball do you use for the vase project? My daughter would like to do something similar for her graduation party centerpieces. Thanks!!

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