Before & After- Thrifted Shelf Makeover

I am an avid thrifter.  While I love West Elm & other stores to get goodies from, I love the hunt at a thrift store and the unique pieces I can find there.   I used to write way more about my thrifty finds and I am bringing it back!  Since the thrift store find posts are not always a DIY tutorial I got rid of it, but you can thank my husband for the return of sharing my thrifty goodness.
Nick often looks in complete distaste when I bring things home from the thrift store.  Over time, he learned that I will make it over and he will end up liking/loving what I did.  But, he has told me time and time again, that he just cannot look at a piece and see beyond it’s ugliness/need of repair, etc…  In fact, I left this shelf in his car and when he pulled it out, his response/expression was wtf. Haha, so clearly, he still dos not trust my makeover abilities 😉
So, if I share more of my ideas, hopefully anyone can see how you can transform a thrifted piece into something you would enjoy for your home!  
Thrifted item: Rolling Shelf- $5.00 Supplies: Painter’s Tape & Spray Paint in Gloss White & Gloss Ocean Mist (I linked to Amazon so you can see color, it is much cheaper at your home improvement store)
The shelf before- 

Reasons I picked it up to redo:
$5 is an insanely good deal.
I loved the lines and thought it had a midcentury vibe that I like.
It could easily be taken apart to make spray painting easy.

After cleaning it (thrift store finds can be quite grimy), I taped off the wheels as I did not want to be spray painted.  I unscrewed the shelf and spray painted the shelf in white and the frame in mint green.

So, now what to do with the shelf?  Plant or record player holder?

I clearly need more records, but since I have Taylor Swift 1989, I consider my record collection awesome already.

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