Friday Link Love- Valentine Edition

I recently picked up a iPhone 6sPlus & I love the bigger screen.  HowEVER, it is a pain at the gym, it is so big and bulky that I cannot hold it.  Nick bought me an armband for Christmas (cuz I complained a lot about my silent gym time, I have to listen to TED podcasts and/or Macklemore at the gym, I HAVE to) but, the armband/phone was SO big around my arm that it gets in the way of my amazing squats.  So, I went bluetooth- and Sudio sent me this pink rose gold earbud set and I am in flipping love.  My phone is in my purse, playing Downtown, I can do my squats and I have an earbud bluetooth set that is pink and rose gold.  It’s pretty amazing. I heart this so much.  Sudio also sent over a code for you to get 15% off with abubblyValentine and they have free shipping on every order.  And, if pink isnt your thing they have a few other colors and options as well.  Send it over to your special Valentine or Galentine this year!

A tote bag perfect for me. (or my Galentine) 

My feelings on “BAE” as well. (p. s. i’m old) 

I am excited for a Zack & Kelly reunion.  Even if it is with their real life spouses.  (crap, i am old)

Pens that are gold and pink.  Yes, please.

A simple wall heart.

Does anyone know how you do gold metallic foil nails!? I googled everywhere.  It sounds impossible.  I want to do these! 

Free Valentine postcard printables.  L-O-V-E these.

I sing this to my girls everyday. Cuz loving on them is not just for Valentine’s Day!

Cheers to a happy weekend!!  xoxo

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