Party Hack- Glittered Cake Toppers!

4 years ago on February 21st I published my first blog post on A Bubbly Life!!    Thank you so much for following along the adventure and DIYs!

So, I made a cake with some quick party hacks for a cake topper.  Lollipops are the easiest cake toppers- they come with a stick in them already!  These heart lollipops are from the 99cent store and I dipped them in glue then glitter.
P.S. Do NOT eat.

Glitter + Flamingo Drink Stirrer and Glitter + Number Candle  (all from 99 cent store) more rocking cake toppers.

Also, please do not eat the cake toppers.  Eat the cake only.

Over-sized flamingo (well, for a cake, she is pretty small) I scored at the thrift store.  And when else can I put a flamingo in a cake and not be called crazy besides my blog birthday?

And here is to many more years sharing my creative, sparkly whims with all of you.

Also, if you are looking for a positive, insightful, looking back at 4 years post… I am sorry! Two little girls sick and I am behind deadlines, budget, and every other thing there is.  Cuz that is real life.  Not some picture perfect b.s.  But, for a few minutes here and there, between snuggles needed from my sick girls, medicine, doctor visits, I got to play with flamingos, hearts and glitter and cake and my job is awesome- as a blogger and as a Mom.  Be true to yourself.  Be a flamingo.  So, I lied, there’s some blogging advice for ya!

Thank you for reading!

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