DIY Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

I often say that many of my DIYs are done out of necessity.  And I needed this BIG time. I live in Arizona and it is SO dry.  I have now lived here for about 3 years and while I have adjusted a little bit (the dryness was miserable that first year) my body still craves moisture like a mofo.   I love this simple sugar scrub- it makes my skin super soft and it smells So so so so so so so good.  (Coconut & lavender are my favorite scents) I particularly love lavender but you can use any essential oil for scent or leave it out- the coconut and sugar smells good on its’ own!

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (Trader Joe’s has an inexpensive organic coconut oil that I use for the sugar scrub)
1/2 cup Sugar
Lavender Essential Oil–  Couple drops (as much as you want for scent but a lot goes a long way)
Lavender pieces (optional, they are more for looks & I have a ton of lavender in my yard, so it is easy for me to add to my scrub 😉
Glass Jar with Lid (use plastic if using in shower)

*It is equal parts coconut oil and sugar, I used a 16 ounce jar and filled it about 1/2 way so I could easily scoop out in shower.  

Easiest directions ever- Mix all ingredients in a jar.  Also, even though I hoard glass jars from all our food, etc…  I couldn’t find one that worked great to scoop out the sugar scrub easily. So, I had to purchase one, which was slightly embarrassing given my shelf of plain glass bottles.  Maybe time to fill up a bag for the thrift store…

I keep mine in the shower since that is easiest to rinse off after using.  It is the closest I will get to a spa.  The smell makes me slightly forget that I have a toddler and a 4 year old yelling in background or opening the curtain every 10 seconds to ask me a silly question.

My first “beauty” DIY on A Bubbly Life!  What did you think? Do you want more?  I still can rock the confetti in any shot- coconut flakes and lavender made some gorgeous confetti!

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