DIY Large Copper Round Mirror


Back in September, I published one of my favorite DIYs for our home- a copper edged mirror.  Since September, I have stalked thrift stores looking for a large round mirror I could remove from frame and create another copper mirror.  That day is here my friends.  My parents (who are avid thrifters) get a list of my current wants/needs and they found this 36 inch beaut for me for only $9.

Fast forward 3 months:

I wrote the above introduction 3 months ago.  Nick BROKE that mirror.  It was the weekend of our 11 year wedding anniversary.  Me to Nick: We had a good run buddy. Adios.  I was SO PISSED.
I found another large round mirror and this one survived.  Our marriage did too, but if he breaks this one…

Large Round Mirror (thrifted if you are concerned of cost, large round mirrors are $$)*
Copper Tubing- 3/8 inch **
4- 1 inch Copper Tube Straps ***
Mirror Clips

Haha- lots of notes, sorry, just want to make sure you get it right at home!

*My mirror is 32 inches wide, I wanted huge! IKEA has a 22 inch option for $18.  I got mine for $7 at the thrift store.  Carefully remove the frame from your thrifted mirror to get the glass.
**I chose 3/8 inch as it was the biggest size available at the home improvement store.  You can go smaller or find a professional plumbing place for a bigger size.
***Whatever size tubing you use, go up a size in the clamp for a good fit

Outline the mirror with the copper tubing.  There is no right way to do this to get the perfect circle- I stepped on it, used Nick’s brawn, and pulled and squeezed until we were happy with the results.  It still has some crooked-ness but I like to say it adds character 😉

After getting the copper sized to the mirror we used 4- 1 inch copper tube straps and clamped the tubing to the mirror like so:

We attached the mirror to the wall with mirror clips and all was well in the Stavros household again. We have it above my DIY wooden shoe rack, but it will eventually end up in our entry way, I am working hard on getting our living room and entryway set up, I am hoping that will be revealed soon!

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  1. Charyssa says:

    You didn’t mention how you got the clamps to stay on the mirror….? I really like this project though!

    • Hi Charyssa! We clamped it on, so one side stayed on glass and then we used the tool to clamp it to the back! Very easy and keeps it together!

      • Charyssa says:

        Hmm ok maybe I need different pliers. My clamps are just falling off because there’s nothing to adhere them to the mirror 😑 I’ll keep trying!

        • Joan says:

          If you want it to be shiny bright, like new pennies, polish the copper first, then brush on a coat of clear varnish.

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