DIY Painted Marshmallow Roasting Forks- S’mores!

You probably do not find this hard to believe- but, I have never been camping.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors- I love hiking and exploring.  But, I am more the I-rather-go-back-to-sleep-in-a-real-bed-after-taking-a-shower-because-I-stink-from-being-outside type of person.  I do love me some s’mores though!  We are heading to the beach soon and I cannot wait to break out my fancy marshmallow roasting forks to make the perfect smore during our beach bonfire (or for you readers to enjoy when you camp in middle of woods or whatever it is you do when camping)!

Marshmallow Roasting Forks *
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Washi Tape

I got marshmallow roasting forks from Target’s dollar spot- $1 buck each!  Great deal!

A piece of advice- You always want to color code your smore stick- why? So, you know which perfectly heated marshmallow is yours and not the burnt one that someone forgot about and tried to pass off to you.  I may or may not be the person who does that.


Mark off how you want to paint with the washi tape.  I wanted a “twirly” look- (that is a DIY technical term, of course)

Get your Paint on it.  I painted two coats.

 Immediately lift tape off when done painting second coat.  (If paint dries, you risk ripping off paint with the tape, so remove while wet)

Let dry- I used a glass to hold them upside down to dry:

Obviously, this will be my roasting fork:

Enjoy the summer festivities!

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