DIY Retro Label Maker Pumpkins

It is about that time for the pumpkins to come out and play.  I tend to shy away from traditional Fall colors and neon pink is acceptable all year round in my book.  So, I am a fan of these modern pumpkins.  And, like most of my DIYs- it only takes minutes!!  I am pretty much the least organized person ever and now I want to Label ALL THE THINGS!   (but, like fun things, not paperwork and office stuff)  So, I shall remain disorganized much to Nick’s dismay.  Love you, Boo! 

(haha, see what I did there 😉

Label Maker
Neon Label Tape
Real or Faux Mini Pumpkins
Spray Paint (optional, but I could not find plain white mini pumpkins which is what I wanted) 

Create your words with the label.  The label maker I linked (only $8 bucks!) is only vintage type one I could find (this is not actual vintage label maker it is in vintage style, you can find vintage label makers on Etsy, but $$$)  A trick for the label maker is to HOLD DOWN tightly for a few seconds when making each letter.  If you briefly click the letter, it will not come out bright and clear.

Make your words and phrases and stick onto your pumpkins!

And, here is a black label embossed version for a more traditional Halloween look.  (The label maker linked in the materials list comes with black tape.)

But, we all know which is my favorite:

Happy Halloween and happy pumpkin making!!

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