DIY Floral Eucalyptus Pumpkins

Fall.  My favorite season.  “Traditional” Fall colors are not necessarily my thing and this is my version of bringing Fall into my home- with a bit of a lighter color palette.  It works for me- and since Fall is my favorite season, I must be an expert 😉

I first shared a glimpse of the floral pumpkins last year- where I also used purples and pinks for my Fall decorating. But, I only briefly mentioned the floral pumpkins and I felt like they deserved their very own post so you can do them at home. (And, it was so fun to shoot! 😉

Drill (one long bit & one short bit if doing small pumpkins)

The eucalyptus I decided to simply tie around the pumpkin stem, but you can drill and add it to the pumpkin instead- whatever looks good to you!

You can also just stop the DIY right here if you wish, I think the eucalyptus looks gorgeous!  And, with no holes the pumpkin will last longer!

But, some of us want flowers too.  All the pretty things, yes?  Decide where you will want your flowers on pumpkin, leave a pencil mark if you wish. Using a long drill bit, drill the holes in the pumpkin.  You can also just use a short bit and make the hole not as deep, you will just have to trim more of the flower, I prefer keeping the stem longer.  (also, with smaller pumpkins, you will need a smaller size drill bit) 

Add your flowers and you are ready to go with a beautiful table centerpiece, outdoor decoration, whatever you like!  I love it as a table centerpiece and it lies on my dining table as of now.  (I also added flower petals and eucalyptus leaves to the table setting)

I love it for Fall and will be perfect to use Thanksgiving!!  Since we are drilling holes in fresh pumpkins and not watering the flowers, the pumpkins will last 3 nights at most- but ideal for a dinner night with friends.  I need to try a faux pumpkin version and fill it with water!

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