DIY Geometric Painted Wall

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If you follow along on Snapchat, you may already know that I have been working on the kid’s playroom and have seen a sneak peek of this wall… Today, I get to share the reveal!  Since my first geometric backdrop DIY (over 3 years ago!!),  I wanted to paint a wall with a geometric pattern, it took creating a play room to finally be able to do it! Whew hoo!

I love color (haha, prob not a surprise to readers), but I am more conservative at home with it.  I have random pops of colors here and there, but would say I am more a plain white wall gal.  But, I feel the kid’s rooms are no holds barred for color and I can unleash it all!  I partnered with Glidden High Endurance Paints to make our color dreams come true for the kid’s playroom!

Glidden High Endurance Paint available at Walmart– My colors: Powder Pink, Pink Carnation

& Lilac Bouquet 
3 Roller Paint Brushes (or however many colors you decide to use for your wall, I suggest at least 3)

Painter’s Tape
Your usual painting supplies- dropcloth, painting trays, paint rags, dirty clothes, etc…
Step ladder (if you are a shortie like me!)

*Please read instructions for my suggestions, you may be able to use only one roller brush

Glidden High Endurance paint is perfect for a playroom or any room in your house that has kids in it… haha, it has strong durability for messy hands, crayons and whatever those kids may throw at it.  It was only one coat and done- the entire project, including set up and clean up took me approximately 2 hours.

1)Prep your room for painting, add painter’s tape to outside of walls and place your dropcloth down.  Get your paint clothes out and get ready!

2) Create your design.  I created multiple triangles and geometric shapes using the painter’s tape.  I did not sketch anything out first, I need to see it in person.  So, I would create some lines, step back and look and create more lines.

3) Whenever I use painter’s tape, I go over it with a credit card to make sure the tape really sticks so that my lines are perfect.

3) I am a very visual person.  My husband suggested choosing what colors went in each geometric shape and marking with a dot so I could paint one color at a time.  If you can do that, you can get away with using one paint roller.

I needed to paint each color and see it before deciding my next color placement, so I used all three paints at the same time. And, guess what!?!? I have 16 of each color with no upfront planning! So, that whole visual learning thing is legit for me!

4) When painting, remove the tape as you go, but make sure you did every side of the triangle that the tape is used on first!  Why do you remove painter’s tape as you go? If you let the paint dry, you risk ripping off dried paint when you remove tape.  If you remove while the paint is wet your lines will be better.

The geometric wall is so colorful and perfect for a play room!  I only did one accent wall for it, I think the entire room would be a bit too much.  I may add one individual color to each other wall in the playroom, but for now I am leaving those white.  I also cannot decide what I want to go on this wall- the play kitchen? The dress up rack?  Tool rack?  Be on the lookout for a play room design next year- I plan to work on entire room during Christmas break.

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