DIY Upcycled Cactus Light

Ok, this is one of those DIY posts where I am not sure if I have lost my mind or I am actually a creative genius.   My guess is it lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes?  I think Nick thinks I have lost my mind.  He did not say it but he gently nodded and I think I saw pity in his eyes when I asked him what he thought of the cactus.  Kalia totally loves it and that makes me happy or maybe it shouldn’t because I am losing her down the crazy rabbit hole?  Hey, at least I will have a friend down there!

Anyhoo, let’s get started.

Found what I believe is a paper towel holder at thrift store.  I swore it looked like a cactus.  You may have seen this on my Instagram Stories (I share all my thrifting finds on stories!)  This terrible resolution picture is a screengrab from my stories, as I did not take a proper before picture.

Spray painted it pink, added twinkle lights (makes it look like thorns, right!?) and it is now a cute pink accent piece for the house!

So, what do you think?  I really like it.  And, remember before you make fun of me, creativity takes COURAGE.  Haha, just kidding, I can take what you throw at me! Just send tissues and wine 😉

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