Cherry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Mmmm… cherries are in season!  Cherries are notoriously expensive and the only time fresh cherries are somewhat affordable is now.  I picked up a huge bag on sale and Nick ate them ALL, I mean we are talking 2 pounds or so, he was just so excited we had cherries in the house.  He was unaware I needed them for a post.  He kindly picked me up another batch when he was by a Whole Foods which means these cherries cost a million dollars.  Anyhow, whenever something pops up in season, I think about ways it would work in a cocktail- so we have a cherry mojito!

How To Make A Cherry Mojito! makes 1

Cherries- 3-4 cherries for muddling, 8 cherries for juice
Mint- handful of cut mint
Sparkling Water
Fresh Lime Juice- half lime squeezed
One shot of Rum
Agave Syrup (alternatively you can use simple syrup, but we use agave for a sweetener around here)

Muddle a couple cherries (with pits removed) with mint in a glass.  Add ice. Squeeze about 8 cherries for the juice and add to glass. Add rest of ingredients (sparkling water, lime juice, rum and agave syrup to taste) I do not like sweet drinks so I use about a teaspoon of agave, but I would say most people prefer it sweeter, so add 2-3 teaspoons.  Stir and enjoy a relaxing Summer beverage.

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