DIY Palm Leaf Ice Bucket

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The first day of Summer is here!! Arizona hit 121 degrees this week, so this ice bucket DIY is a great solution to keep cool and refreshed during these hot days.  I may have to wear it on my head to keep cool, but all you who experience normal Summer temperatures, this ice bucket is perfect for the pool, a barbecue and all your Summer celebrations to keep your drinks cool. We folks in AZ, will keep our ice buckets looking pretty inside for parties 🙂  I filled mine with Bai, a refreshing 5 calorie and 1 gram of sugar beverage that is full of flavor and will help quench that Summer thirst. 

Artificial Leaves (you can use real as well)
Smaller Bucket- sized to insert in large bucket for the space for drinks
Heavy Weight (I used a pink geode paperweight, of course)
Freezer (haha!)

Place smaller bucket inside large bucket and add weight.

Place palm leaves in large bucket all around sides and add water to fill bucket.  You may have to mess around with leaves a bit so they dont float to top. I used artificial leaves and would soak them in water to prevent them from floating to top.

Freeze for a few hours or overnight.

Run warm water outside bucket to loosen and remove the ice.  Run warm water inside of small bucket to remove the second bucket.

I love DIY ice buckets, it is one of easiest ways to make a party pop with something unexpected and fun and they are soooo easy to make- the freezer does most of the work.  Effortless entertaining is my favorite.

Bai drinks are only 5 calories and use no artificial sweeteners for their beverages.  Bai has so many flavors to try and it will be hard to pick your favorite!

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Post sponsored by Bai, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!

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