DIY Wood Jewelry Organizer

The jewelry organizer is the final touch to my master bedroom closet. My closet has been done for months and all I needed was a place to organize my jewelry. So, I will finally be revealing my closet shortly, just need to take some photos and maybe check on a cactus or two that may need replacing, because, yes I kill cactus.

Gold Cup Hooks (I used 1 inch size)
Wood Dowel (cut down to size needed)
Mirror (I used a candle mirror, which can be found at any craft shop for super cheap)
Heavy Duty Glue

For a cheaper alternative you can use plywood for the wood, I purchased a specialty wood at the good “wood store”, there is probably a better name for it but I have no clue what it is, it is where we go to get good wood for projects. (I said wood so many times there) It still was not costly, under $20.

Ok, now onto the steps!

First, outline where you want your hooks and mirror. For example, I used my longest necklaces to figure out spacing for the gold hooks. Once you decide on where you want everything placed, glue the mirror to the wood and drill for all the gold hooks and get them in there!

I used a long wood dowel along the bottom, held up by two of the gold hooks for my bracelets. I did not want a wood board just covered in hooks, so the wood dowel was a better choice for me. I used a smaller wood dowel for some rings.

The project was so stinking easy and a family affair. The girls helped me drill each hole and glue the mirror to the wood. Nick cut the wood dowels to the size I needed.

So excited to show you guys my master closet, I lived with a metal rack and wheels for years and then went and got spoiled by Nick with a HUGE closet. (he may or may not have made an error when doing the house plans and made my closet exceptionally large 😉 So, even if it was by accident he proudly takes credit and I am happy to give it to him!

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  1. Ashlyn says:

    This is beautiful!! What a fabulous job and idea. So cute!

  2. Helen says:

    Having enough jewelry storage is always such a challenge for me. Maybe not so much anymore. Thank you for this fun and useful DIY!


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