Pear Sparkling Fall Martini Cocktail

I feel like the poor pear gets the shaft during Fall.  Apples and pumpkins get all the glory and the poor pear- fresh and crisp and in season is forgotten, so why not try a pear martini?  Last year, I shared an apple pear cocktail that was so, so good (you should try that one as well!) and I have a TON of pear vodka left over.  Pear vodka is delicious and I wish I could indulge in it right now. But Nick can and he does not seem to mind that part of my job is making cocktails and I still have to do it even though I cannot have them.  He has always been my taste tester alongside me and my number two fan (My Mom was number one, so I guessss he is number one now)

This cocktail drink combines the pear flavor with another favorite of mine- champagne.  Break out the bubbly and enjoy this fall cocktail- give pear some well deserved love!


1 part Pear Vodka

1 part St Germain ( or any elderflower liqueur)

3 part Champagne 🙂

Be warned it is all alcohol, so it is a strong drink! (which is not the worst thing ever but you may want to take caution sucking down a couple)

A quick entertaining tip- I love fresh flowers (I use them all the time for decor) I twisted the flower onto the pear stem to add more color, since it is on the stem, no need for it to be edible- just warn your friend if they had a couple not to drink the flower!

What is your favorite fall drink? A a hot toddy, spiked apple cider? Cheers to Fall- enjoy a pear martini!!  I will be toasting with some sparkling apple cider but I will see you in three months!!  Ooh and don’t forget to try another fall cocktail- Spiked Cinnamon Roll Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe 

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