DIY Compliment Hangers

hangers with compliments stickered on them

My bestie stayed at the ACE hotel in Chicago and he sent me a picture of the hangers they had in the closet- the hangers said “You Look Good in That”.   I loveddddd it and thought, how easy would that be as a DIY?  So, I made my own compliment hangers.  I liked the idea of hanging it in Nick’s closet and him getting a smile & thinking of how sweet his wife is for leaving him a message reminding him of how cute his butt is.  But when I was shooting and prepping for the post I was in MY closet with them and they totally made me smile when I saw them day to day.  And now the hangers have convinced me my butt DOES look good in everything, I have been working out and I am sexy af, also, I am modest.

Basically, everyone needs these in their closet as an instant mood builder and confidence before heading out for your day/career/date/workout whatever you do.  They can be your mantra.

hangers with compliments stickered on them


Alphabet Stickers (also available in black)

Wooden Hangers

There are no step by step, because you just take the stickers and spell what you want to say 😉

I would LOVE to hear what you would put on your hangers!

hangers with compliments stickered on them


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  1. Holly says:

    OMG Laurel!! These are the cutest and I absolutely need a closet filled with them to lift my self esteem every morning!

  2. Looove! I might have to steal this and do it for the girls’ Room! “Be yourself!” “Shine bright!” ❤️

  3. Beth Yohanny says:

    Such a cute idea!!

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